Pike & Joyce: two families, two stories, one dream!

Pike & Joyce is a proud partnership between two families who share a history, a love of the Adelaide Hills, a passion for great food and wine, and a determination to produce the finest wine possible from any given year.

In 1998 the Joyce family, which has owned and managed Adelaide Hills orchards for five generations, teamed up with Clare Valley wine legends, the Pikes, to develop 25 hectares of prime grape growing land.  The vineyards are some of the highest in the Adelaide Hills and that elevation, combined with gravelly loam soils and sloping aspects, provides the perfect terroir for the production of the highest quality cool climate wines. 

The Joyce’s long horticultural history, combined with the Pike’s vast viticultural experience, ensures the vines are managed meticulously.  The vineyard is hand-pruned and the fruit hand-picked, before being cold stored to ensure maximum quality.  It is then transported for vinification to Pikes’ award-winning Polish Hill River winery.

The Pike’s winemaking style aims to strike the perfect balance of winemaking philosophy, combining traditional old-world techniques with a modern Australian approach to produce wines that reflect the variety, region and vintage, as well as our own interpretation on some classic European styles.

Perhaps it is no surprise that Pike & Joyce wines have earned an enviable reputation as some of the Adelaide Hills’ finest.

The Pike Family

The Pikes have a proud history in producing authentic, hand-crafted beverages in South Australia, dating back to 1886 when family patriarch Henry Pike established Pikes Dorset Brewery at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills. 

Pikes Wines was established in 1984 at Polish Hill River in the Clare Valley, and in 1998 they formed a partnership with the Joyce family of Lenswood to establish Pike & Joyce Wines.  Andrew Pike’s wife Cathy is related to the Joyce family and this relationship was instrumental in the formation of Pike & Joyce.

The Joyce Family

Over 5 generations and more than a hundred years in Lenswood, the Joyce family have evolved a rich horticultural and viticultural knowledge in the Adelaide Hills, continuing the heritage of creating fresh premium produce and products, from apples to cherries, and now wine grapes.


Brothers Mark and Brett Joyce provide additional strengths to the Pike and Joyce partnership.  Utilising management expertise and knowledge of modern horticulture and viticulture practices combined with a proficiency in restaurant, hospitality and tourism, they have established a renowned name in South Australia.  


After many dedicated hours, supported by the strengths of their staff, the Joyce Family are proud to share their fruits of their labour and their vision with your own families and friends.