Here at Pike and Joyce we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most fantastic views in the Adelaide Hills. To complement this view we invite some of Adelaides best artists to display their work. 

Currently we have the acclaimed local artist Peter Coad displaying his vibrant hues throughout the restaurant and foyer, matching the bold colours of Autumn and Winter in the Adelaide Hills.

Peter is a confident, energetic artist who uses vibrant colours for his vigorous interpretations. They capture the glowing earthy yellows and oranges of the land and mountains, the ephemeral purples, aqua and blues of the sky and lagoons and they reflect the uniqueness of the terrain, the changes of the day and seasons and one can feel he has connections and awareness of the indigenous myths and legends of the land. 

Born in 1947, Peter spent the first 10 years of his life in the Mallee town of Karoonda approximately 120kms south-east of Adelaide, South Australia. He was surrounded by huge inspiring vistas and enormous skies which explains his abiding interest in the landscape, its open spaces and respect for the harmony of nature.


"I endeavour to express in my paintings, my powerful engagement with the environment. They are not a literal interpretation of a particular location or about recording nature in its exact form, what I want to translate or define is my own distinctive vision as a painter and to convey the real essence of the landscape exposing much that is invisible such as the indigenous spirituality of the earth. My passion for all landscapes and cultures forms my creative energies and I am also inspired and stimulated by the elements that constitute the formation of the land. What observe also heightens my awareness of mystery and infinite space."

- Peter Coad 2024